Saturday, July 10, 2010

Looking for translator-entrepreneurs

Proposal for Forming A Strategic Alliance

As China is becoming increasingly popular with the rest of the world in terms of investment and market, the world’s only China-related translation company China-Link International Translation & Interpreting Centre has been mostly wanted by both local enterprises and MNCs needing translation services in Singapore. Our brand “China-Link” is so eye-catching and attractive to those making inroads to China market that many people have blind faith in it. They would give their job to us under the same conditions, even at a higher-than-market price. This makes us realize that we should enter other international markets by utilizing this brand asset and establish our presence in other countries of the world by working with local professional translators who are keen to start up their own business.

1. Our Partners
We are looking for professional translators who are keen to start up their own business after working as freelancers for a couple of years. Of course, if you have set up your own business with your own brand name, you might as well think of using our brand to do your business. Our brand can only be an added advantage to your current business.

2. Collaboration Method
1) We provide you with the source files of our website;
2) You got to translate it into your local language;
3) Employ a website designer to help you add the local language to the website so that it becomes bilingual; if you are in an English speaking country, however, there is no need to translate it.
4) You register a local domain name with your country sign at the end, like for Germany;
5) You or your website designer host the website (
6) You do marketing by using Google’s Adwords (they teach how to do it) to look for prospective clients;
7) Start to get business from your prospective clients.

3. Our Benefits and Responsibilities
1) For us, we only have the right to share 20% of your annual profit for a period of six (6) years. After six years, we will still be in the same relationship (head office and branch) but with no distribution of profit to us.
2) We will provide you with the following:
a. China-Link’s English website package;
b. Our established brand name;
c. Internal support of translations of Chinese to English or English to Chinese at lower-than-market rates (cost price);
d. Any assistance or consulting that you may need.

4. Your Benefits and Responsibilities
1) No admittance fee, no loyalty for our brand name, and no franchising cost;
2) You can utilize our brand name to make money for free;
3) You don’t have to design a website of your own, and save at least half of startup cost, as you have to employ a website designer to add up local language to the website;
4) You have to pay for your marketing cost, e.g. putting up ad on Google (via SEM) or Yellowpages. This is true even when you are not working with China-Link.
5) With our brand name, you can easily attract local customers having business presence in or intending to enter the Chinese market. You have more chances than other companies;
6) You will have our support in Chinese translations;
7) Of course, our brand name will not affect your clinching jobs of other languages, such as your own mother tongue but give you an added advantage.
8) You have to pay to us 20% of your annual profit. Our calculation of annual profit is total income – 80% of total income as cost = 20% as profit.

5. Our Relationship
To do business by using our brand sounds like franchising. Well, you can think that way, but we do not charge your royalty for franchising. Our purpose of doing so is to go out of Singapore whose market is so small and expand our influence and awareness around the world; this will in turn benefit us. So except 20% of your annual profit, we will NOT charge you a single cent. It’s a good deal, isn’t it?

As it is not easy to examine your account as to how much you have earned a year, it’s all up to you to tell us the total income. Therefore, our cooperation can only be based on mutual trust and your honesty.

1. Externally, we are of a headoffice-branch relationship; This will be stated in the contact page;

2. Internally, we are independent entities. Neither party will interfere with the business of the other party. But both parties should sincerely work with each other in good faith, and do things honestly;

3. Each party should offer the other party the cost price of translating its native language. For example, if we have a French project that needs to be translated into English, you should offer us your cost price rather than market price.

6. Conclusion
All in all, “China-Link” is a famous brand in Singapore and elsewhere in the world. It is easier to attract the attention of those who want to do Chinese translation than any other brands do.

This is an opportunity for you to start up your own business. Why not make use of this chance to catch up with the wagon.

This strategic alliance will bring to both parties a WIN-WIN result.

Michael Wang
China-Link International Translation & Consulting Centre

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